Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today I have dance. I have ballet. I go to the same dance studio that my cousins go to. Every time I have dance I get to see them. My ballet class is 1 hour long. It gets really tireing after awhile but dosn't feel like 1 hour so that's good.I'm going to have fun!


Grandma said...

Hi Joey, have a good time a dance class. I love your Meez, it looks like you! It rained some today and is cold. I love you so much, Grandma

Grandma said...

Hi Joey again! I meant have a good time at dance class. I should proof read before I send! You probably knew what I meant though. I was taking a break and came upstairs to check my email and decided to check you blog, and you had new info! I like your blog. Love, G

emily said...

hey jo,
ur blog is really cool! i'll see you later!