Monday, April 28, 2008

Story of the world fried pantains and bread.

For homeschooling my brother and I do this cool thing called Story of The World. Story on The World is an audio CD and they tell stories about the world and they start from, well ... the begining and then go all the way to now. After each chapter, there are fun activities that you have to do. You get to choose one to do. My brother and I both picked to do fried plantains (dark bannanas) . They were really good and were like the ones made in Ancient Africa.

After did a few more chapters with activities, we got to a really good one. The activity was to make Phoenician bread from SCRATCH. They told us how to do it and it was really good! When we were doing it, on the instructions it said to put yeast. I didn't know what yeast was so I asked my Mom and she told me. I learned something from that.

WelI, I guess that everything you do, you learn something from it even though you don't really notice it. You try and notice what you're learning from things. Aftera movie, my Mom always asks us what we learned from it and every single time we have something we learned to say to her. Whenever you ask something and get an answer, you are learning something! And it's not always boring. Here are some pictures of the fried plantains and the Phoenician bread:


Grandma said...

Hi Joey!
It is great that you like learning so much, your mom is a wonderful teacher for sure. The cooking sounds so fun, wish I was there. And it is wonderful that you get a message from movies that you watch, sometimes it is even a moral type ending, like Aesops Fables. Have a good day there!
Love you,
Grandma XOXOXO

Gosh Yarn It! said...

What beautiful bread! The bananas look yummy. Sounds like you are making some fun foods and learning about ancient history at the same time!