Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We went to CNCH! CNCH was a handweaver's confrince. My mom was a vendor for www.goshyarnit.com and I was a vendor helper. When we were at the conference, I spun yarn and did Tunisian crochet. I sold about 5 of my yarns. If you want to know what else we sold just go on to www.goshyarnit.com and a lot of the stuff that is listed on the website we brought and sold at CNCH. I helped put up the booth and the items on the booth. We didn't sell any of the bags but one time we sold 5 spindles to one person! It was really neat.

I walked around the conference with my family and my cousins. We saw beads, cording, fibers, yarn, looms, spinning wheels, shuttles, swifts, examples of woven pieces. We bought some cording and handmade glass beads for my birthday party (we are going to macrame bracelets).


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Grandma said...

Glad you did so great with the sales. I am sure you were a big help. Auntie Jess liked helping you and Mommy. Wish I could have come to see the booth!
Love, Grandma