Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Earth Day

We went to Whole Earth Festival! It went through Friday Saturday and Sunday. My favorite part about Earth Day was that there were some people who were selling hula-hoops and you got to try one. At the end we bought a hula-hoop and my Mom bought a dress at one of the neat booths.
We saw dancers from different countries, regular people dancing and also drumming. There were a lot of tie dye shirts on sale and a few of them I liked. Some of them had hearts in the middle and a few had butterflies and their wings were tie- dye. It was really neat!


Grandma said...

Hi Joey, it is so interesting reading about the Whole Earth Festival and I really like the pictures you posted. That is great you got a hula hoop to take home. I bet you are good at that. The tie dyed outfit you wore to the festival was just perfect for the day! I love reading your blogs.
Love you, Grandma

Jessica said...

I wish I could have seen you guys for whole earth.... sometime soon we will meet up in davis :)