Friday, September 26, 2008


Today is going to be great. First Auntie Tiff (Em and Syd's mom) is going to pick up Ricky and me for art with Em and Syd! Then my mom is going to pick up Ricky and then Auntie Tiff will pick me, Em and syd up to go to dance. Then after dance they are all coming over for dinner. That is my awsome day!


Grandma said...

Hi Joey,
Friday sounded like a lot of fun with your cousins. It is so nice that you have art and dance with them. I hear you are doing a great job on the French Horn, that is wonderful! The Tan family is such a musical bunch.
Love you! Grandma

Gosh Yarn It! said...

Glad you had an awesome day, and that you enjoy spending time with your cousins!