Thursday, January 24, 2008

More of my trip

After we went to the gold mine we went to the Native American Grinding Rock. The Native American Grinding Rock is a rock that native americans made food. What they did was they made holes in the rock and then took nuts and berrys and other stuff like that. Then they put into one of the holes then they took an olval shaped rock and put it in the hole and grind back and forth. It is a very spiritual place. It is also very Beautiful. It was a great experience!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My trip

I went to Sutter's Creek to go to the gold mine. My dad my brother and I went inside the mine. My mom and my little brother stayed in the little gift shop and went into the mini theater inside the gift shop. When you go into the mine you have to were a hard hat. You also have to go with a tour guy. The tour guy's name was Charlie. There are also other tour guy's but the one that went with us was Charlie. He really looked like a gold miner. He was one of those guy's who you would look at him and say that he looks like a goldminer. We had a lot of fun!