Saturday, February 2, 2008

back from UC Davis

We're back from UC Davis. We did a lot of fun stuff. My favorite part of our trip was eating at one of the dining halls with my aunts. We also went to one of the chemestry labs, an anatomy lab, this one design place, the coffe house, and the game room. We couldn't play in the game room becase it didn't let the public in untill after five'o clock and it was well somtime before that. We had a lot of fun at UC Davis!

Friday, February 1, 2008

UC Davis

Today we are going to go to UC Davis. UC Davis is a collage in Davis. We are going to see my aunts. My aunts go to collage in UC Davis. One of my aunts just turned 21 so she can do some things that she couldn't do before now. I am very happy for her. We didn't go to Davis yet but we will somtime today. I'll try to do another post after we get back. See yah soon!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The last part of my trip

After we went to the gold mine and went to the grinding rock we went to go to see my cousins in Jackson. My cousins names are Emily and Madison. They are very cute. My uncle had a Rhino. It wasn't a animal rhino it was a truck Rhino. A Rhino isn't a car truck. It's like one of those pretend kids trucks but it workes like a real truck and it's a bit bigger. My uncle let us ride in the Rhino. I had a great time!