Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some fun things from this week

For homeschooling we carved potatoes into a design to make stamps. First, we had to slice the potatoes in half. Next, we had to carve a cool design into the potato slices. Then, we had to paint them, and then we had to stamp them down onto a sheet of paper. My Mom also use celery to make a stamp. It was lots of fun! Here is a picture of the potatoes: And here is a picture of the celery stamp:
Earlier in the week, we made up a poem together. The kind of poem was called an alphabet poem. The name of our poem was Dessert Fiasco so it was about different desserts. That was very cool. This week I did an experiment. The experiment was to test how humid it was in the room. How we made it and how it worked was simple. We put a paper towel on the end of a stick and we put a shape underneath the the stick that would alow it to move up and down like a teeter-totter. Then, we took a ruler and two blocks, put the ruler in-between the two blocks, and put that behind the stick on the opposite side of where the paper towel was. Then, when the paper towel got wet, or at least damp, it will get heavy and the other end of the stick will go up and you can tell by the ruler. It was very neat making it and it worked (sorta)! Those were some fun things from this week.