Saturday, October 11, 2008


In homeschooling we have been learning about botany. We've been learning the names of the kinds of plants in our yard and at the parks. We measured some leaves and branches that we found and divided the ratios of the parts. We learned about Fibonacci, the Golden Ratio, phi = 1.61, spirals and patterns in nature. Green leaves have chlorophyll, yellow leaves have xanthophyll, red and purple leaves have anthocyanin, and orange leaves have carotene.

Field trips have been lots of fun: parks, Fair Oaks botanical garden, UCD arboretum. Sometimes we practice the parts of trees, flowers, and leaves with flash cards. We have been collecting leaves and saying what's in them and what shape they are (for example, "ovate").

Today, we went on a botany hunt in the back yard. Our Mom gave us hints on which plants we were supposed to find. For instance, one of the clues lead me to the huge oak tree in the backyard. After we found the right plant, we wrote down the name of it and made a rubbing of either the bark or the leaf with a crayon. It was cold outside, but fun.