Saturday, October 25, 2008

Backyard adventures (and a few other things)

My Lolo (Grandpa) and Lola's (Grandma's) backyard is huge. Not HUGE but pretty big. There are a lot of things that happen in the backyard and I do want to share one thing with you, Our labyrinth. We are making a 5 circut labyrinth so it is not super gigantic but it is not tiny. Were making the labyrinth out of stones and it looks awsome made out of stones. The labyrinth is not completely done. We still have to finish the last circut. Here are some pictures:

A few other things.......

Earlier this week, we went to the Harvest Festival at the Waldorf school in Fair Oaks. Here is a picture of us:

We also went to the Renaissance Faire at the Folsom Park. Here is a picture of us:

I had lots of fun going to the Harvest Festval, the Renaissance Faire and making the labyrinth!