Monday, April 27, 2009


This Week we learned about cartography. Ricky and I each made our own map. Ricky make a map of Warcraft and I made my own map of the "Candylaria," my made-up islands.
All of the islands on my map were candies like Skittle and Frosting. To make my map, first I did a draft, then I drew the final copy on watercolor paper in pencil. Next, I drew over the pencil with colored marker, and finally I watercolored over the whole map.
Also in my map, there was a key showing the symbols that I put on the map, like marshmallow mountains. I really liked making my map!


Grandma said...

What a beautiful map Joey! It is very creative.

Tan Family said...

I love your map. So colorful and creative! Yummy.