Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Harvest Bread Company Tour

On Wednesday we went to the GHBC (Great Harvest Bread Company) for a tour. We first went into the back and got to watch the owner make some dough.
Then, we let it sit so that the yeast can make it rise. While we were waiting, he taught us about the flour and showed us the machine that grinds it.
Then, we saw how much the dough rose (it rose a lot).
After that, we went to this big table with flour on it and kneeded the dough that he made (we each got a piece).
Later on, after he put them into the oven, we had a Q and A part where we asked him a question and he answered, then gave us a piece of bread that he had made. We had lots of fun at the GHBC!


Tan Family said...

Great pictures! Your dough is perfect. Glad that you had a nice time at the tour and tasting the bread!

Grandma said...

Yummy, baked bread, there is no smell quite like it. Looks like lots of fun at the Great Harvest Company!