Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playing Guitar

I started playing the guitar about three months ago at Music Bloom. I am still taking lessons there. It is also where my brother, Ricky, takes clarinet lessons. My teacher's name is Richard. He is also one of the owners. The other owner is Zorana, and she teaches the piano. I have a small guitar because my body is too small for a normal sized one. My songs that I am working on right now are The Climb, Ready Set Don't Go, and the song that my dad and I made up, Complicated. Each year there is a recital. At the recital, each student has to play from one to three songs. Unless if they just started taking lessons at Music Bloom. Last year I played a different song that we made up, this year I will play a new song that we made up. I can't wait untill the recital!


Grandma said...

Beautiful photo of you and your guitar Joey. It was so nice hearing you play it when we visited recently. You are so musical--all your instruments, singing, and dancing!

Tan Family said...

I can't wait to hear you at the recital, Joey! You are an awesome guitar player and singer. :)