Friday, September 25, 2009

The Workshop

Last Sunday, we had a Syrendell workshop for homeschoolers. I needlefelted the word Syrendell and the snail onto the felt for our sign (above). There were three moms, one dad, two two-year olds, and one baby. The first thing that we did was sign in. After that, we had circle time in the front yard. We sang songs and threw around the bean bag to learn each other's names. Ricky lit and Wilson blew out the candle. We chanted a sharing song while passing bean bags.

After circle time, my Dad talked to the parents about Waldorf education and homeschooling. While he was talking, my Mom and I watched the kids and played with them. Then we had a break for snacks and everyone learned how to do watercoloring.

After the break, my Mom taught the other Moms how to card fiber, needle felt and spin. I demonstrated on the spinning wheel while they were doing their crafts. After they had been doing that for a while, My Dad, another Dad, and I went with the kids on a nature hunt. We were looking for anything interesting, but especially big acorn caps for a project. Only one kid found one big enough for the project. While we were on the nature hunt, my Mom and the other Moms were still doing their fiber arts.

One thing that the Moms were supposed to needle felt was a rectangle that was about four by two inches. The project was making an acorn person! The rectangle was the dress/cape and the acorn was its hat. The base was an already-made wooden person figure. The Moms glued the dress and acorn cap onto the person.

After that, we ate lunch outside. Then, we had a drum circle in the front yard. After that, the parents wrote a verse for their child, and as a group we made up an ending of the circle song. The last thing we did was our ending circle time. We sang songs, people read their verses, and we also sang the group song that we made up at the end. That was our fun workshop!


Tan Family said...

Joey, thank you for helping so much with the workshop! And now, we have a beautiful sign for Syrendell.

Grandma said...

The workshop sounded so interesting! And you were such a great help Joey. You were a part of making the day special.

Mama Ruck said...

I enjoyed reading your recap. I learned you made the sign that guided me to your home. Thank you for all you did to make the workshop as wonderful as it was.