Friday, February 27, 2009


This week, we learned about Medieval Africa. We made an African mask out of a paper bag, paint, yarn, and raffia. Our mom also made an "African Corner". In the "African Corner" our Mom put out Mancala, drums, African shakers, Kalimba, and books about Africa. All of the African things our Mom put out we found at home except the books about Africa were from the library. During circle time we did form drawing and I led a form drawing that I made up and I told a story about an African drum. We also listened to "Story of the World (audio CD)" which talked about Africa. In our spare time we look at the books about Africa, played Mancala, and played on the drums. We also learned an African dance. On Wednesday my cousin Sydney came over and I taught her the dance. We all performed the dance (with us in costume) to my Grandparents while Sydney wore the African mask. We had lots of fun learning about Africa!