Saturday, September 19, 2009


This last weekend, there were Nutcracker auditions at the Sacramento Ballet Company. Sydney, Emily and I went to audition. Sydney and I auditioned for the part of a Party Girl and both got the part! If we didn't get that, then we would keep on auditioning for other things like Surgar Plum Fairy Attendants and Chinese Attendents. Emily auditioned for a part as a Candy Cane and got the part. She could have also had been an Angel. We are all glad that we got the parts we wanted.

The first rehearsal for Sydney and I were the day after that. During the rehearsal instead of practicing we had to first find out which of the three casts we were going to be in. Sydney and I both got in the same cast since we are cousins. On that same day they showed us who our partners are going to be. The second rehearsal was on Tuesday, that was when we got to practice the main dance of our part.

The day of our second rehearsal was Mr. Cunningham, the Director of the Nutcracker's, Birthday. He told at the very end of the rehearsal that it was his birthday. He said that it was very special for us to dance on his birthday. I thought that is was nice of him to say that. I can't wait for our next rehearsal!