Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flow of water

Last week, we went to the Explorit Science Center in Davis. The Explorit Science Center is really fun because it is mostly for kids and is hands-on. When we went there, there was an exhibit on water flow. It was a big metal platform with sides so it can hold sand in it. The bottom of the holder was at an angle. At the highest part of it, there was a faucet with a little bit of water coming out. You were supposed to move the sand in different ways to make tunnels, winding paths, and more. At first we just made little paths and tunnels, then we made a really meandering path that went all of the way to the bottom. We had lots of fun.

When water flows in nature, it goes to the deepest areas in the ground, such as oceans and rivers. Sometimes, water will erode mountains and banks of rivers. Sand can also collect into sand bars. Water can form a delta or an alluvial fan (we saw pictures of these). Glaciers can melt, scraping and shaping mountains. The beaches, mountains, rivers and deltas are found in California and many other places around the world.