Monday, February 8, 2010

Las Manos

Each week for homeschooling, we learn a new song in Spanish. We have learned a few songs so far. One of my favorite songs is Las Manos. Las Manos means "the hands" in Spanish.

Here it is in Spanish:

Izquierda, Izquierda

Derecha, Derecha

Delante, Detras

Uno, Dos, Tres

Izquierda, Derecha

Delante, Detras

Encima, Abajo

Delante, Detras

Dentro, Fuera, Arriba

Here it is in English:

Left, Left

Right, Right

Forward, Backward

One, Two, Three

Left, Right

Forward, Backward

Up, Down

Forward, Backward

Inside, Outside, Above