Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hey! I know I haven't been blogging like at all for a really long time. ha ha. So here is another quick update..........
I take tap at River City Dance Academy, I'm a Girl Scout in troop 1469, and I'm in 7th grade at Davis Waldorf School.

So at school we just got out of our Poetry block and we put on a play "Star Cross'd" using parts of Shakespeare's plays and the rest written by the one and only, Dr. Tan, my teacher/dad. It was amazing. I played the amazing, Anne Hathaway. No, not the actor, she is Shakespeare's "lovely" wife. It's at the end of our spring break and we are about to go into our explorers block. It should be pretty cool, my teacher always seems to make learning some what fun. ;)

Sincerely, J

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Cat Ellen said...

I cannot wait to see some of your tap dance pictures! good for you! (and possibly, see you at the Fiber Retreat again this summer?) -- Cat, from the "Coffee Bar"